Why Should I pay for custom tailoring if I am a perfect rack size?

The most expensive pieces of clothing you will ever own are the ones you don’t wear. Well -constructed timeless business and casual wear endures and should be evaluated as would any other investment. The true cost of any garment is what you paid for it divided by the number of wearing’s. A custom tailored wardrobe selected from hundreds of the world’s finest fabrics is one that you will wear and enjoy more. We are a local company with the expertise to complete with any clothing in the world for style, fit, and quality.

What can you do for me that I can’t get from a regular store?

The bulk of the retail store’s business comes from off the rack. They have money invested in inventory that they need to sell. Made -to- measure orders and specials with never be a priority to the store or the manufacture, only an accommodation and even then the work is usually sent off to the factory. The trained eye of a tailor or master fitter can never be duplicated via fax or the US mail. In addition we save you time by coming to you right in your home or office.

What Should I consider when choosing a clothier?

Reputation, quality, attention to detail, are they a master fitter, length of time in the business, experience, look of a finished product, selection, service and most of all they are about what your needs are not what they want to sell you. A top quality clothier understands and cares about what you want your clothing to say about you!

How long does it take to get measured, and pick out fabrics? How soon after will after that will my suit be finished?

Established clients are usually in and out no more than 30 minutes. For a first time visit, allow about an hour. We want to make sure our measurements are right and we get to know what your needs are, and what you want your clothing to say about you. If you want a bespoke suit this takes longer as this garment is mostly hand-made and more goes into the fitting of the garment. Custom suits usually take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

What other items do you carry?

We truly believe that you should worry about your work, social and home life. Udesigntailor is always looking for new quality products our line has shoes, belts, accessories, fine neck wear and casual shirts.

Why Should I pay for custom tailoring if I am a perfect rack size?

Mostly everything we carry is individually tailored for our clients. So it is your brand because it is made for your body specifically. We do carry other products that have brands in out ready made and casual clothing. Check out our clothing section of the website.

What is your price range?

All of our custom clothing is 100% made in the USA and suits start at $1150.00 up to $10,000 we use the finest wools from the most prestigious mills in the world, so the price is based mainly on the fabrics and the quality of the make on the garments. Our shirts start out at $153.00. To get the best value for you dollar you should check out our packages page.

Do I have to get re-measured every time I pick something out? Also, my weight fluctuates! What about alterations

Once we have your measurements on file re-orders are a snap. All you have to do is select the cloth. We have an alteration department that can handle anything, even if you have old clothing you want fixed we are truly here to be your clothiers for life.

I’m uncomfortable about ordering clothing that has not yet been made. What if I am not completely satisfied with my purchase?

We will crawl on our hands and knees from our office with scissors in hand to make the corrections. OK that was slightly exaggerating… But what we will do is whatever it take to make you happy. We know how to treat our clients and we will always do the right thing. Our consultants are very well trained by the founder who has over 20 years experience in the industry and relies on his reputation over selling a suit.