About us


From the executive office to the golf course and everywhere in between, we help you stay a step ahead by providing you with world-class bespoke custom and ready-to-wear garments in the convenience of your home or office. Our master tailors have more than 70 years combined experience and create each garment with luxury fabrics from companies including Barberis, Zegna, Loro Piana Holland & Sherry and Pal Zileri. We come directly to you at your home or office to conveniently provide you with the highest level of service. A full set of measurements is taken by an experienced clothier who will then help you select fabrics and styling to best fit your lifestyle. We keep you looking great with or without the suit.

''Image is important, so you need to ensure what you’re wearing best showcases all of your assets to give you that great first impression. Bespoke custom clothing takes into account every nuance of your body from the slope of your shoulder to the wrist on which you wear watch. You will never get that kind of attention to detail from an off-the-rack garment.

We offer unbeatable value for your money. Have a favorite suit, shirt, sport jacket, or trouser that you simply love but can’t find the right size or fit in stores anymore? You can mail it or bring it to us and we will clone it for you in the fabric of your choice. We can even tweak the size or style of the garment to suit your changing needs. Your fit is guaranteed or you will receive a full refund. No other clothier takes as much pride in his work as we do. Our policy has always been to emphasize superior quality & guaranteed workmanship by our professional tailors at a reasonable price. We focus on customer satisfaction above all.


Carmen Bucco, founder of Bucco Couture, grew up in foster care when he decided to move out on his own at age 17. Knowing he had to earn a living, Carmen made a humble beginning shining shoes. He had a thirst to learn more about the business, so simultaneously, he worked in his spare time to learn about pressing, dry cleaning, and measuring clothing. He saw a future in the apparel industry and decided to take that interest to the next level. In his late teens, he started tailoring clothing and educating himself on how a garment should look, feel, and fit. With the pursuit of a college degree not being an option, he opted to expand his learning through the years into fabrications and how materials are made. He knew that if he was going to be successful, he needed to be more knowledgeable than the masses. Carmen left the field for a few years, as he felt the obstacles for growth that he was facing brought his career to a standstill. Two years later, he was recruited by a large formalwear company which reignited his excitement for making a significant contribution to the garment industry. Like other corporate businesses, the company made promises that weren’t delivered upon and it was sold 3 times in a matter of 5 years. It was a wake-up call that the big corporations left much to be desired, seeing how customers were perceived as merely dollar bills to them. Carmen decided it was time to take a chance and follow his dream to start his own business. He began with a small firm doing what he loved; dressing people one by one and educating them as to what to and what not to wear. The company started to take on more of a corporate atmosphere, which is just what he wanted to avoid. He believed that a customer is a value not a proposition. So with $5,000 in his pocket, he turned one small room into an office and began pounding the phones to build a business. Within 3 years of opening Bucco Clothiers, he had over 400 clients with no marketing. The business was simply built on referrals because of quality service and superior fit. Carmen decided he wanted to brand his line and expand into other products. He believed that his clients should be able to concentrate on home, personal, and work life, while he took care of their clothing needs. He also felt that saving them time and money and eliminating the hassle of dealing with a clerk was very important to his growth. Today Bucco Couture is taking its business model across the US, paying it forward and taking on one consultant at a time to truly make them successful. Big is not always better. Quality of service is key to any solid organization. It is the customer that makes a business flourish. With 3 consultants in the NY, NJ, and PA area, Bucco Couture is expanding throughout the East Coast. Adding to his line of Bespoke Custom clothing for men and women, the company now offers jeans, as well as a ready-made suit line, increasing the options available to clients. This ready-made line has become an overnight success. So many people go shopping for a suit in a store and are frustrated because they either can’t find what they want or if they do it is not the right size. To address the issue, Carmen developed a solution wherein a customer could pick from 30 fabrics, 6 jacket styles, 2 pant styles, and even get suit separates. As a result, Carmen was called an industry transformer by many of his now clients. He continually to evaluates the business and incorporates new products that satisfy the needs of his busy clients.